Iulia Halaucescu-“I tried to reproduce what I feel. I, traveling a lot both in the country and abroad, sought to capture various moments, which I could immortalize and synthesize [….].

I, born at the top of the mountains, lived on an ascending line, on high lines, so I saw either the bottom-up perspective, or the bird’s perspective from top to bottom, and I created a style of this kind […] like this, as I felt my art and nature itself should be […..].

The focus today is on money more than on art. It’s unfortunate. According to me, the works created by hand are abandoned for what the machines produce, for anything else, except for those made by the hand and the soul. As long as there is art, there will be man. The soul cannot but triumph, no matter how much we go towards materialism and a science of such a degree, there is a God and something spiritual, which leads humanity.”

Iulia Hălăucescu graduated from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy Bucharest, the Faculty of Fine Arts Iași, the Nicolae Grigorescu Institute Bucharest and studied privately with the emeritus painter R. Schwetzer-Cumpănă.

The artist structured her work in cycles, and showed them up in more than 50 personal exhibitions both in Romania and abroad, individually or in groups. This cyclical conception allowed the artist to highlight the essence of her personality, to change registers, to innovate and above all to find her own expression.

Discover more about Iulia’s story and a fraction of her topos on our website.


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