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Ada-Maria (or

Favorite quote : “With one foot in society and with freedom in thought.”


Master degree, UNARTE, Bucharest, Romania

Born in Bucharest, she discovered as a child a passion for the world of characters and illustrations of any type and art in general. She studied at National University of Arts in Bucharest, at the design and visual communication department and currently experimenting with forms of artistic manifestation, whether they are one-line drawings, abstract, graphic or digital works.

Her approach to art is more intuitive, she prefers to work freely, rarely using preparatory sketches.

Recently discovered a passion for the world of tattoo design and illustrations which influences her latest artworks. is open to collaborate in different art projects with other artists / designers or simply people interested in experimentation with art, regardless of the field.

Collective Expositions

 Safiticuminti, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

 Safiticuminti, Bucharest, Romania

2021– Paralysé group exhibition, Cluj-Napoca Romania

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