Lucian Szekely-Rafan

VI. Talk


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New Art
Lucian Szekely-Rafan

Every artist transforms the world around him the very moment it is reflected in their retinas, thus, in every work. Only the world is so nuanced that a single type of material is not always enough to capture its essence. In this sense, I have explored multiple avenues: engraving, charcoal, painting (even if less than others), and lately, jewelry.

I propose a reconsideration of the portrait, combining the Renaissance classicism, the Boschian strangeness/eeriness, and the surreal hermeticism in a formula that curbs the aesthetics of ugliness.

The decomposition of this portrait recalls a time of isolation of the being in its own carcass – an age of uniformity, of lacking personality. Despite these inadequacies, art manages to guide the eye of the viewer to the decryption of beauty.


With over two decades of experience, Lucian dedicated his passion to mastering his technique.

This shows in his works, all of them have a vivid pallet of colors and emotion, never missing the natural element. With a pen and paper, Lucian defines his work through the styles of lowbrow, pop surrealism.
All of his work are mixed media.


Robert Williams, Kenny Scharf


2006-2008 University of Arts and Design, Master degree in Graphics Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2003-2006 University of Arts and Design, Art Pedagogy department Cluj-Napoca, Romania


2010 First prize at Intercontinental Biennale Exhibition of Small Graphics Aiud, Romania

2006 First distinction at Intercontinental Biennale Exhibition of Small Graphics Aiud, Romania

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