Cristian Bogdan Bara

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Cristian Bogdan Bara

My calling towards painting came up relatively late in my life up until now. Despite the fact that since sixth grade I pursued a career path in Japanese language, learning it up until I finished the Faculty of Letters, UBB, starting with high-school I became more and more interested and immersed in art, predominantly Japanese traditional art and anime.

After experimenting for a few years with digital art, I started to feel the need for a more personal connection with the medium of my art and with the art itself. As such, I decided to start painting, when I was around 20 years old.

Since then I underwent a painting master degree at the University of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca, discovering and developing my own personal style and point of view as an artist. Now, even though my style and approach towards painting are still young and evolving, I believe I came to have a strong personal style that reflects the way I see and interpret the world, in the pursue for it’s aesthetic quality.


Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism


2019-2021 Painting Master Degree – Universitatea de Arte si Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Solo Expositions

2019 IAGA gallery Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Collective Expositions

2016 AICI-ACOLO Project Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2016 IAGA gallery Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2015 IAGA gallery Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2021– Paralysé group exhibition, Cluj-Napoca Romania

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